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Wraysbury Then And Now
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Wraysbury Then And Now

The fabulous new book 'Wraysbury Then And Now' is now available from all good bookshops or direct from me, on behalf of the publishers, Wraysbury Parish Council.

Why this book is special. Personally designed from start to finish. It's not a dusty text book. It is case bound using hard board covers and all pages are thread sewn and glued against page loss. Specially chosen high quality silk paper. Laminated cover to enhance and protect. Reader friendly text. High quality production throughout and all carefully assembled and hand-bound.

I specialise in creative writing and portraying family and country life, and have been bridging the gap between today's family and their past ancestors for nearly 40 years.

Village and Family History can be full of emotion from vibrant highs at the discovery of some important fact or person, to the lows when you find that auntie Freda had six children and they all died by the age of three! It just shows the diversity of life and the major advances made in medicine today.

To place an order or for further information, please contact me for further information without any obligation.
Price is £17.99 from stores or £15.99 from us.

You will love this book. Acclaimed by lovers of rural life and readers, as one of the best books on village life.
“One of the best books I've read”

Click - Front and rear cover
Full of wonderful photos, anecdotes and reminiscences of local villagers, this is the book to buy. If you only buy one book this year, make sure it's this one.
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