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Wraysbury Then And Now
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 About Me

My name is Graham Morley and I have been researching Family and Military History (WW1) for over 30 years. I have carried out many commissions for families both here in the UK, Canada and America.

I specialise in bridging the gap between today's family and their past ancestors, in particular abandoned children brought up in Foundling Hospitals and those orphaned by some family disaster and whose roots are difficult to establish.

Family History can be full of emotion from vibrant highs at the discovery of some important fact or person to the lows when you find that auntie Freda had six children and they all died by the age of three! It just shows the diversity of life and the major advances made in medicine today.

I can help you unlock and uncover your family's background - what is there in your history? All I would need is as much family detail as you can give me, any family stories and rumours also would be useful as in a lot of cases there may be an element of truth in them which might be helpful.

I can do as much or as little as you require from single line ancestry to living relatives and you would receive all discovered documents, an illustrated Family Tree and a bound record of your family's history. Please contact me for further information without any obligation.

Who will you discover?aboutme01

Kings, Queens,
Murderers, Surgeons,
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