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Wraysbury Then And Now
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 Researching & Finding Your Relatives

What do your relatives look like, do you or your family have any old photos? We have access to worldwide records and information from various sources which would help to identify them and bring their past to life.

By using parish records, wills, court records, local newspaper archives, maps, school records and many others we can unravel your ancestor's lives and their occupations which will give you an insight into their history and how your life has changed and where you came from.

Depending on the work required it takes time and patience to check out all these various records and make sense of them. Collating and recording every scrap of information as just the tiniest piece could be crucial link in confirming an ancestor or vital record.

As mentioned earlier, I specialise in bridging the gap between today's family and their past ancestors. Abandoned children are particularly challenging as are those orphaned by some family disaster and whose roots are difficult to establish.

I have over the years gained a lot of experience and friends in many parts of the world and I would be happy to include you in my client list. You may have already started on some research and come to a dead end or just run out of time, this is not unusual and I would be happy to help. If you have a budget no problem, we are used to working with clients who wish to pay for step by step research as their finances allow. Research is paid for in advance for an agreed line of research or time period and unused funds are returned to you.

Plus disbursements such as photocopies, certificates etc, please contact me for further information without any obligation.  Payment and instructions can be sent by post to:

Ancestral Research, Lavender Cottage, Hillview Road, Staines upon Thames, Wraysbury, TW19 5EQ or online by email

Who will you discover? Did your family emigrate to
America, Canada or Australia?
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