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 Hedgerow Trench Cemetery - Zillebeke

Hedge Row Trench Cemetery, Zillebeke, Flanders was also known as Ravine Wood. It was badly damaged by shell fire and by the end of the war a number of the known graves were no longer identifiable. Therefore the headstones for these graves were arranged in a circle around the central memorial cross. 98 soldiers are buried here - 94 British, 2 Canadian and 2 unknown.

Hedgerow Cemetery entrance

General view

Central view

Hedgerow area map

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                                      Zillebeke and its Environs

In World War I, like other parts of Ypres, it was the site of Allied heroism, with Victoria Crosses being won by two soldiers in the area, John Henry Stephen Dimmer and John Franks Vallentin, both in 1914. The village was mentioned in the Wipers Times, the most well-known of the trench magazines that were published by soldiers fighting on the front lines of the Great War. The 1st Battalion of The Irish Guards suffered huge casualties defending the village and playing a major part in stopping the German breakthrough to the Channel Ports between 1 and 11 November 1914 as part of the First Battle of Ypres. Located in or close to Zillebeke are the Hill 62 Memorial, the Sanctuary Wood Museum Hill 62, the Sanctuary Wood Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery and the Zillebeke Churchyard Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery.

Zillebke Lake today
scene of fierce fighting

Zillebeke Church - some times called Aristocracy Cemetery due to the number of titled soldiers buried here.
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