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Wraysbury Then And Now
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 Pond Farm House - nr St.Julien

Courtyard and Spik
the dog

Machine gun mounting

Pond farm museum 1

Pond farm museum 2

Sculpture 1

Sculpture 2

German bunker nearby
at Langemark

This farm near St. Julien at Fortuinhoek was known as Pond Farm on British Army trench maps, and Kazerne Häseler on German maps.  From about the middle of 1915 to 1917 this farm formed part of the German defensive line and they built a number of bunkers and tunnels which turned Pond Farm into a strongpoint.
There is a small private museum on the farm showing interesting WW1 items found in the surrounding fields and area.  Bart & I were on a recce in the area and we had a private viewing. Website is www.depondfarm.be and the farm is well worth a visit.

Watercolour showing
Pond Farm in 1917
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